Friday, December 5, 2014

Passing Project- I'm Getting There

Hi everyone!

For my senior seminar class I have been working on an art piece titled "Passing". For a little debriefing, the artwork exemplifies the process of the human soul being expelled from the physical body and it shows how death can be viewed as an enriching experience.

The piece I am in the process of constructing is 2/3 life-size and constructed out of birchwood. There are four large components to it; and in the end they are suppost to hang on the wall in a triangular formation. Here are the initial paper stencils in the right layout!

I have gotton as far as constructing the basic forms of the pieces from the wood. It is taking a long time to carve and sand the shapes. But it has been pretty cool to use the hand saw. I feel like a genuine hard-core artist! Once I am done carving I can smoothly go into layering and my progress will increase greatly. So far I have accomplished a good amount, given the time I have.

I plan to create dawings while incorperating a light yellow painted boarder along with layering beads, natural designs, paper and other cool stuff thats a surprise! I will have to cram time in after school and at home to make this come together. But it will get done and turn out beautifully!

If you have any comments or want to know more comment on it!
Bye guys!

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