Monday, December 1, 2014

A Trip to Virginia MOCA!

Hello artists!

Just the other day my art class took a trip to the VA MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). While there we met with the people who worked behind the scenes to the amazing exhibits shown. The curators gave us tips about how to showcase work and how to present ourselves as professional artists.

As I was listening to the curators, they emphasized the importance of presenting myself in a mature manner. They showed me past examples of applications that were sent in by artists with the aim of having their work showcased in the museum. As part of the application the artists have to fill out their basic contact information, provide a summary of their work, and send in samples of their work. One artist filled out part of the application, provided no viewable images, and decided to add in a page-long poem on the theory of color!

Another thing they shared with me was to have effective images of my work on hand and to think about how others will be viewing me for the first time without actually seeing you. Little things, like emailing back at the last minute or sending in crinkled papers say a lot about your character. Every little interaction counts in other persons mind because they are investing in your work.

The most important piece of advice I took away from this experience was to be very conscious of how I interact with museums that I am interested in showcasing my work. They are ultimately the ones who will get my name recognized.

Thank you so much Mrs. Byrn and the other presenters behind the great museum visit! I have one last question, though. How many applicants come through MOCA and how many are accepted or even considered for showcasing work?

Virginia MOCA does a great job of showcasing world famous artists, and by far they are my favorite museum to visit! I encourage everyone to vist sometime!!!

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