Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hey guys! So this year as a senior has been very busy. Very, very busy. I have been able to handle everything thrown at me, though.

To start off I have been working on a collaboration for Senior Production. I am directing a live performance piece titled "The Cycle of Breath". It is a very personal piece about the soul going through a dance of life. It has been awesome working with talented musicians and dancers. The only thing is that they are busy too.

Along with working on Senior Production stuff I have also had to work on AP Art, MOCA Teen Apprenticeship Program, and filming for a documentary, and figuring out what the future will be for me. Every emotion has bombarded me, but I have learned more about myself and my surroundings this year than I have ver before.

Here is a list of what I have learned thus far:

Senior Production
  • Make " Plan B" the better option when deciding things in a group collaboration
  • Don't rely on someone who is taking five AP classes and has work everyday
  • Guitars can sound just as graceful as a violin
  • When life gets tough, create art
AP Art
  • I create my best art when I feel like the end product serves a real purpose. Art to me right now encourages others to realize how every being is interconnected
  • Don't work on paper that was tucked away in the back of the class. It was tucked back there for a reason.
MOCA Teen Apprenticeship Program
ps. this is my completed piece from Senior Seminar. I recieved 1st place in 2D at the VPAA Juried Art show because of this. YAY!